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The Backyard and Compost Corner

Gardening and Soil run in my blood.

I could say that this journey started when I was a kid growing up on a farm. Whether it was stealing veggies from Mom’s garden, going for hikes in the pasture and just being outside getting a first hand look at the amazing things in nature. I developed a deep appreciation for everything the earth gives us. In college if I had a backyard, I had a Compost Pile and it felt so weird to throw that banana peel in the garbage when it could be making beautiful Compost! Fast forward a number of gardens, yards, compost piles and two kids later I started paying more attention to the soil beneath our feet. I completed my Permaculture Design Course with Verge Permaculture, and became a Master Composter with the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council. After that I was inspired to start the Compost Corner. With the Compost Corner I started Composting for others in Prince Albert and I was able to help people to reduce their waste and create something beneficial for the environment rather than something that can be so detrimental when thrown in the landfill. But then I had noticed that it was difficult to get smaller bulk supplies of, Top Soil or Mulch anywhere in Prince Albert unless you knew a guy who knew a guy. So I bit the bullet, took that entrepreneurial spirit and decided that I would start Prince Albert’s first landscaping yard with the Backyard! I am excited to start this journey and meet all of the gardeners, backyard enthusiasts, soil healers, farmers in our community that are looking for ways to improve their soil and create healthy soil, that will grow healthy food, that will help to create healthier humans who will create healthier communities and the world. My vision for the Backyard and Compost Corner is for it to become a place for the gardening, regenerative agriculture, soil enthusiast community in Prince Albert. Where you can learn new things, get the tools you can’t get anywhere else, get the materials you need to make the beautiful and abundant outdoor space in your own backyard! All while we reduce the waste going to the Landfill and creating soil boosting Compost.


I am Keri Sapsford and I am the owner of the Backyard and Compost Corner. I am passionate about the soil and everything that grows from it. I want to help you make your outdoor space as beautiful and abundant, so you can enjoy your outdoor space and enjoy the bounty that comes from your garden!


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