Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening

Quickly create healthy soil, suited to your needs.

Unlike in ground planting raised bed allow you to create the soil you want from the start.  So you can start a productive garden right away.

You can create soil through a sheet mulch or layering compostable layers on top of one another to create that organic matter rich soil that your plants will love.  You can also purchase soil and compost from a reputable supplier to start your garden off right.

You can curate the right drainage and the right soil for what you are looking to grow in the space.

Ease of use. 

When beds are raised from the ground they are plain just easier to reach.  Less bending, plus if you build it right you have a place to sit while you tend your garden.  For those with joint or back problems, or for those whose body just isn’t as young as it used to be a raised bed can allow them to continue gardening instead of giving up the activity they’ve always enjoyed.  What more could you ask for?

Intensive spacing

You can plant more intensely and right up to the edge when you are utilizing a raised bed as you don’t need to worry about plants spilling out into pathways.  As everything is neat and tucked in you can utilize every bit of space and get a bit creative with how you plant.  The tall items going in the middle and lower plants to the side, and vined plants hanging over the side.  No need for rows with paths around them.  Your pathways are already built.

Easier Weeding

When you plant more intensely, the weeds are really only a concern when plants are starting out.  But once they have filled out they out compete any weeds trying to pop up.  The weeds that do pop up, you can easily pull here and there when they pop up so the weeding doesn’t get out of hand.

Neat in appearance

What gardener hasn’t looked at a neat block of raised beds and mulched pathways and hasn’t drooled at the site.  They just look so good.  While a garden in the ground can look very beautiful, the neat appearance and clean straight lines of a raised bed garden can really raise the bar.

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