Compost for you lawn

You like the perfect lawn stripe, you strive to have the greenest and most lush lawn on the block.  You have probably fertilized your lawn for that boost of green, but have your tried top dressing your lawn with Compost?

Compost is natures fertilizer and provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs to grow green and lush.  But it does so much more.  In order to have a great quality lawn you need great quality soil.  Compost is a great amendment to keep your soil healthy.

  • Adds the nutrients your lawn needs
  • Adds Humic Acid – which is a great soil conditioner
  • Increases the microbiology in the soil (Including earthworms)
    • The microbes continue to do the work in the soil even after the initial nutrient benefits have dissipated, continuing to improve your soil health long term.
    • The Microbes are what makes the nutrients in the soil available to the plant, right when it needs it
  • Adds organic matter to the soil, helping your soil to hold more moisture, even during droughts.
  • Healthy soils are less prone to weeds
  • Safe for pets and children, during and immediately after application
  • Unlike synthetic fertilizers, which give you a one shot of fertilization and nutrients, every application of Compost will continue to improve your soil more and more.  You can have the best lawn on the block with less effort, less chemicals, and less effort!

How to Top Dress with Compost.  

  1. Clear debris off of lawn, (Rake the leaves, twigs etc… off of your lawn)
  2. Add a layer of Compost (ideally 5mm-10mm or about 1/4 inch)
  3. Rake or sweep it into the grass so it doesn’t sit on top, but has access to the soil underneath.

Compost can also be added when the lawn is aerated to increase the benefits and get more compost into the soil, increasing the benefits.

1 gallon of Compost will top dress over 6.5 square feet of lawn with a 1.4 inch thick layer of Compost.

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