Food Scrap Drop off area

The Backyard and Compost Corner has partnered with Hazeldell Community Hall to provide a Food Scrap Drop off area for the Community of Prince Albert!

By separating your food scraps to be composted you are:

  1. Reducing waste going to the landfill
  2. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Helping to create a beneficial Soil Amendment for growing local food!

To participate and access the bins use the CODE 2667 for the lock

We recommend that you purchase our starter kit to make participation easy and seamless.

A Starter kit is $20 and includes

  • One 6 gallon pail with sealing lid for collection
  • Instructions to keep handy on what can and can’t be composted

This helps pay for the pick up of these drop off bins and ensures that we can keep providing this service to the residents of Prince Albert.

Call (306)960-5225 or message to order and we will arrange for payment and delivery.


Keep The Service Clean

If we find too much Contamination the bins will need to be removed and the service no longer provided.


Please feel free to Contact us at :


Phone: (306)960-5225


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