Fruit Sticker Fun activity

Fruit stickers may seem innocent enough, but they can quickly contaminate any Compost Pile.

Think about how much fruit you eat, each piece typically has at least one sticker on it to indicate pricing and coding.  Now when these stickers get into the Compost they do not break down and I can still tell exactly what fruit was in the compost even after everything else looks like dirt.

So as our mission is to make composting as fun and easy as possible for our clients we have a fun Easter activity that is fun for all ages.

We want you to print out this Easter egg and decorate it for the next few months with all of the fruit stickers that come into the house.  Get creative and make fun designs, and patterns with the fruit stickers.  Once you are done, bring your creation in for display in our store!

Download it, Print it and fill it with stickers!

Draw your own easter egg coloring page

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