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Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction

Weekly Food Scrap Pick up

You fill the bucket with food scraps, we compost it. It is estimated that 40% of your waste is food scraps (According to a City of Prince Albert Waste Audit) You can reduce your waste by almost half and create something beneficial for the planet with no mess and no fuss!

Waste Reduction

Food Scrap and Organic Waste Drop off

Starting in May 2021 we will have drop off areas set out to accept wood waste, food scraps and other material that can be composted. Visit us to check it out!


I am Keri Sapsford and I am the owner of the Backyard and Compost Corner. I am passionate about the soil and everything that grows from it. I want to help you make your outdoor space as beautiful and abundant, so you can enjoy your outdoor space and enjoy the bounty that comes from your garden!


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