What goes in the Compost Corner Bucket.

You need Composting to be easy so we strive to take almost everything we can so that you don’t have to spend time sorting and questioning whether this really does go in or not.

If you ask, I will say that if it was alive once I will compost it.  All I mean by that is if it’s made of natural materials I can compost it, so any food scraps, including leftovers, bread, milk and meat and cheese can go in the bucket.  Plus all of the food scraps you normally associate with Composting such as vegetable peelings and fruit and veg that has gone bad in the fridge.

We also take things that you might not think of.  Like Pizza Boxes (They can’t be recycled when they have grease stains.), hair and pet hair, cardboard and paper, coffee grounds.

Our Client instructions provide a full list of what can and cannot go in the bucket.



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