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For those who want to create a beautiful, functional and abundant outdoor spaces! Who want to regenerate their landscapes, grow their own food, or just create a beautiful space to hang out in. We are here to serve you with the bulk supplies of soil, compost, mulch etc.. the specialty tools you need to get the job done, the classes and resources you need to be a confident grower!

Why Trust us with your Backyard Garden

Improving the soil is always top of mind

We are truly passionate about the earth and everything that comes from it. We believe in regenerating our soils so that the healthy soil can create healthy food, which helps to create healthy humans and communities. We are constantly looking for new ways of improving the soil to pass along to you!

We want to help you create healthy soil, so you can grow healthy food and create beauty and abundance in your life. Visit us or sign up for our newsletter for gardening and soil information you can use.


Directly from our Garden and Compost Nerd

I am passionate about the earth and the things that grow from it. So if it grows, helps things grow, helps to make the space outside our own backyard and the world a better place to live, I nerd out about it here at the Backyard.

Pumpkin Smash Event
Did you know that of the 80,000 tonnes of pumpkins produced in Canada, 66% are sold to consumers; often used for carving and are never eaten. Without intervention, this is an immense amount of organic waste destined for the landfill. But you can do something about it! You don’t have to trash that pumpkin and…
Backyard Harvest Festival
I am excited to bring you the Backyard Harvest Festival! Kids activities include: Bale Maze – find your way through Make your own Mason bee house and more to come Vendor and Demonstration lists will continue to be updated on our Facebook event. For up to date information on our event, check out our Facebook…
Fall Gardening and Lawncare Activities
Preparing your outdoor space now, can be a great investment  in your garden or yard for the spring.  A few things done in the Fall can make for an even better yard or garden in the spring.  Planting a few bulbs can ensure for early spring foliage, a top dressing of Compost allows for an…

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I am Keri Sapsford and I am the owner of the Backyard and Compost Corner. I am passionate about the soil and everything that grows from it. I want to help you make your outdoor space as beautiful and abundant, so you can enjoy your outdoor space and enjoy the bounty that comes from your garden!


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